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Discover Competitive Interest Rates for Your Financial Success!

Ready to take your finances to the next level? SECU offers unbeatable interest rates that will accelerate your journey towards your financial goals.

Whether you’re planning to take a loan or invest, our competitive rates will ensure that you maximize your savings and access the best options the market has to offer.

Mortgage Loan
Interest Rate

Per month on the reducing balance.
25 Years maximum

Share Saving Loan
Interest Rate

Per month on the reducing balance,
Financing based on your Shares Account.

Regular Deposit Account
Interest Rate

Earn interest per annum on your savings,
with no fees or penalties!

Member Benefits

Supporting Expectations, Caring for You
Junior Member Benefits

Start up your career with our junior executiva enrollment
18-30 Years

  • Junior Executive Mentorship Programme.
  • Summer Internship
Senior Member Benefits

The Joy of your retirement starts here!
50 Years and Over

  • Waived fees and services.
  • Corporate package for senior tours/golden achievers.


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Being a member of our Credit Union is more than just being a customer. It’s being part of a family.