Personal Loan

Enjoy our affordable interest rate of 1% monthly, calculated on a reducing balance.

  By contributing regularly to your Shares Account, you can borrow up to five times your share savings.

SECU’s personal loans make life a lot easier.
Whatever your plans, whether it is a Vacation, New Furniture, House Repairs, Investments etc., you can keep your savings and still enjoy life to the fullest.

Special Conditions apply.

Personal Loan Requirements

Please ensure you provide us with ALL the following:

Two valid forms of national identification


Recent payslip - No Later than 3 months


Business Registration Certificate (self-employed)


Proof of income i.e., receipts and/or contracts (self-employed), Bank or other Financial Institution statements``


A letter / Contract of employment (must state the duration of employment)


Supporting documents for the loan, i.e., a genuine invoice or quotation from the supplier


A salary authorisation or bank standing order, stamped, and signed where necessary.

Attention, new members

Embrace the opportunities that await you. Upon approval of your Membership Form, you’ll gain instant access to our convenient borrowing facility. Please be aware that specific lending criteria apply.