Protect What Matters Most:
Two Insurance Options, Exclusively for Our Valued Members!

SECU has two (2) Insurance Packages from two (2) insurance providers that benefit our valued members.


Unlock exclusive insurance products tailored to your unique needs

Group Medical Plan

Secure Your Family’s Health Today

Unlock Exclusive Insurance Products: SECU Credit Union, an Authorized Partner of CUNA Caribbean Insurance Society Limited

In 2012 SECU partnered with SAGICOR to provide its Members with Group Medical Plan Coverage.

The Group Medical Plan also provides for the DALIAN priority care Life, Accidental Death & Dismemberment and Critical Illness coverage, as well as Dependent Life coverage for spouses and children insured on the Plan.

The Family Indemnity Plan (FIP)

The Family Indemnity Plan offers financial comfort during difficult times—providing a benefit to be used to cover the funeral cost for yourself and eligible family members starting from less than $2.00/day. Up to Six (6) family members can be covered by this plan.

There are many benefits that make the FIP worthwhile:

Money is one less thing to worry about at that already stressful time.


Allows for a decent send-off for a family member.


Flexibility – Members can choose the plan that best suits their needs. - Plan A-G up to $100k


A salary authorisation or bank standing order, stamped, and signed where necessary.


Lifetime insurance coverage


Payments for claims are made within two (2) days.

Life Saving Insurance

When you let go of the bike, you knew he was ready. Now, you can relax and let him enjoy the ride because no matter what happens, we will ensure that you or your family will receive coverage of your Credit Union share savings up to $20k.

If you were to become dismembered due to an accident or pass away, we cover your loans up to $200k.

Your Benefits:


Receive a benefit that covers up to $20k of your Credit Union savings, at no cost to you.


Your savings are insured against death (natural or accidental), accidental dismemberment and loss of sight, up to $20k.


Receive insurance coverage of up to $20k on your Credit Union savings, at no cost to you.


Your loans are covered up to $200k.

Loan Protection

Loan Protection is the name given to CUNA Mutual Group/CUNA Caribbean Insurance Society Limited “Credit Life” contracts. It covers all the eligible loan balances of a Credit Union Member against untimely death or total and permanent disability. The insurance benefit repays the outstanding insurable loan balance should death, by any means, occur before age 70. The amount of the benefit is subject to what is referred to as the Credit Union’s individual maximum.

This means that up to the Credit Union’s individual maximum will be paid by CUNA to the Credit Union, to clear off the debt of a deceased Member, should death occur before age 70.

Loan Protection provides “peace of mind” for the Member, the Member’s family, and the co-makers against the burden of any unpaid loans upon the total and permanent disability or untimely death of the borrowing Member.

  • Premiums for Loan Protection Insurance are paid by the Credit Union
  • Additional family security
  • Debt elimination at a time of need
  • Easy qualification, no paperwork
  • More frequent borrowing
Special Conditions Apply

The Family Critical Illness Plan

When a serious diagnosis strikes, there’s nothing like the support of your loved ones. Add to that support the Family Critical Illness Plan which provides up to $300,000 in critical illness coverage.

No medical is required when you sign up, which makes it easy for you and your family to get the insurance coverage you need.

Your Benefits:


Plan provides critical illness coverage for you and up to FIVE (5) of your eligible family members.


Up to 59 years of age eligible, including day prior to 60th birthday. Children can be enrolled prior to age 26.


Access up to $300,000 worth of coverage for one of six critical illnesses- cancer, heart attack, stroke, paralysis, major burns, and coma.


No medical exam required.